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August 3, 2006
Palm Treo 650

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September 12, 2005
This palmcast is 5 minutes and 55 seconds long. It discusses a great example of an open source application in the Palm community called CryptoPad.
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eBay makes it easy for amateur mechanics to shop for auto parts 08/17/2018 01:32 AM
It can be tough buying the right auto parts online unless you're a pro or a very experienced DIYer. According to eBay, 49 percent of consumers mistakenly pick up components that are either not compatible with their vehicles or are just plain wrong. T...

‘Black-ish’ showrunner Kenya Barris signs on at Netflix 08/16/2018 09:42 PM
Kenya Barris, writer and director of the Emmy-nominated ABC show Black-ish and its Freeform spinoff Grown-ish, has signed a multi-year deal at Netflix. It's the latest coup for the streaming giant, which lured away blockbuster show creator Shonda Rhi...

Google brings native hearing aid support to Android 08/16/2018 09:10 PM
Accessibility is a critical consideration for manufacturers when they're building devices. Around 466 million people have disabling hearing loss, according to the World Health Organization, and that number is projected to grow to 900 million by 2050....

Facebook finally stops surfacing opioid-related posts 08/16/2018 08:45 PM
Facebook has reportedly stopped surfacing posts, Pages and Groups when users search for opioids like OxyContin and fentanyl, TechCrunch reports. The change comes as the Centers for Disease Control release estimates showing continued increases in opio...

Google refines search to automatically show relevant subtopics 08/16/2018 08:20 PM
Google periodically refines its search functionality to provide better -- or more necessary -- information. If you use it to look something up now, you'll see something new: A panel with basic details and a slew of subtopics contextually relevant to...

'PUBG' mobile app surpasses 100 million downloads 08/16/2018 07:56 PM
In the constant fight between battle royale games Fortnite and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), it might seem like the former has taken over most of the mindshare (and profits), especially on console and PC. On mobile, however, PUBG is doing pre...

Wirecutter's best deals: Save $50 on Beats Solo3 Bluetooth headphones 08/16/2018 07:31 PM
This post was done in partnership with Wirecutter. When readers choose to buy Wirecutter's independently chosen editorial picks, it may earn affiliate commissions that support its work. Read their continuously updated list of deals here.

Best Buy bought the company behind senior-friendly JitterBug phone 08/16/2018 07:00 PM
Yesterday, Best Buy announced that it paid $800 million to acquire GreatCall, the company that makes the senior-friendly JitterBug phones. Perhaps more importantly, it has an emergency response service that more than 900,000 subscribers pay for. That...

Twitter tries to reassure users amid backlash over third-party apps 08/16/2018 06:40 PM
In April, Twitter announced that it would replace developer access to User and Site streams with new API. Several third-party app developers warned that this would disrupt their ability to work with the service. Today is the day, then, that Twitter r...

ZenBook Pro 15 review (2018): The touchscreen touchpad is no gimmick 08/16/2018 06:30 PM
With the ZenBook Pro, ASUS is finally starting to out-innovate Apple. Mostly, that's because of the ScreenPad, a display that's tucked beneath the ZenBook Pro's trackpad. It's a similar concept to the MacBook Pro's TouchBar, but it can actually...

Google employees push back on censored China search engine (update) 08/16/2018 06:20 PM
Employees at Google are protesting the company's work on a censored search engine for China, the New York Times reports, signing a letter that calls for more transparency and questions the move's ethics. Reports of the search engine surfaced earlier...

That fancy Cortana thermostat now supports Alexa and Google Assistant 08/16/2018 05:57 PM
If you've been eying Johnson Controls' slick, Microsoft-backed GLAS thermostat ever since it was unveiled in 2017, it's finally close at hand -- and you won't have to rely on Cortana for voice control, either. The $319 climate controller will ship o...

Australian teen pleads guilty to hacking Apple 08/16/2018 05:29 PM
An Australian teenager pleaded guilty today to charges over repeatedly hacking into Apple's computer systems, The Age reports. He reportedly was able to access authorized keys, view customer accounts and download 90GB of secure files before being cau...

MoviePass limits customers to just six movie options per day 08/16/2018 05:08 PM
MoviePass is changing its service yet again and for the foreseeable future, it will significantly limit which films its customers can see on any given day, Business Insider reports. In a letter to its users, which the company began sending out today,...

Facebook will stream live Champions League matches in Latin America 08/16/2018 04:47 PM
Facebook's soccer (aka football) ambitions aren't stopping with July's Premier League deal. The social network has secured the rights to stream live Champions League matches for free in Latin America between 2018 and 2021. It's not as sweeping as the...

EA teases battle royale in new ‘Battlefield V’ trailer 08/16/2018 04:26 PM
Developer EA DICE is returning to WWII with its upcoming Battlefield V, an interesting choice to revisit a war well-trod by gaming. But the company told us back in May that they're repeating the successful Battlefield 1 by spotlighting lesser-known s...

In 'Iron Fist' season two, Danny must battle a familiar enemy 08/16/2018 04:05 PM
The second season of Marvel's Iron Fist will hit Netflix in a few weeks, and to whet your appetite here's the first full trailer for the latest batch of episodes. It seems Danny's personal issues intensify this time around, as his old friend/rival Da...

Director Tony Kaye puts out a casting call for robots 08/16/2018 03:44 PM
For one of his next films, director Tony Kaye (American History X, Lake of Fire) needs a robot, but rather than using computer-generated effects to depict one, as filmmakers have done in the past, he wants to cast an actual AI robot. Deadline reports...

Trump reportedly reverses Obama-era rules for US cyber operations 08/16/2018 03:23 PM
The Trump administration has reportedly reversed an Obama-era framework for how and when the US can use cyber attacks against foes. President Trump undid Presidential Policy Directive 20 yesterday according to the Wall Street Journal's sources, and w...

Facebook birthday fundraisers earned over $300 million for charity 08/16/2018 03:02 PM
A year ago, Facebook launched its birthday fundraiser feature through which users can celebrate their big day by raising money for a good cause. And it appears to be a pretty popular tool. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post yesterday that so...

Kroger starts testing self-driving grocery delivery in Arizona 08/16/2018 02:42 PM
You now have a chance to try Kroger's self-driving grocery delivery... if you happen to live in the right part of Arizona. The chain has launched its driverless delivery pilot at a single Fry's Food Stores location in Scottsdale, giving you a chance...

Aronofsky's VR project 'Spheres' will premiere at Venice Film Festival 08/16/2018 02:21 PM
Darren Aronofsky's three-part virtual reality series Spheres -- bought for a seven-figure sum at Sundance earlier this year -- will make its world premiere at the upcoming Venice Film Festival. Adding to its sci-fi credentials is the announcement tha...

Intel adds more power to its 8th-generation NUC mini-PCs 08/16/2018 02:02 PM
So far, Intel's biggest NUC news of the year is its Hades Canyon mini-gaming PC with AMD RX Vega graphics. If you don't need something quite so powerful and costly, however, Intel just rolled out some other 8th-generation NUCs. Rather than using 15 w...

'Pokémon Go' will offer parental controls with a log-in for kids 08/16/2018 01:47 PM
Pokémon Go will debut a new log-in system called Niantic Kids that will give parents a way to keep a close eye on their children's accounts. The upcoming log-in platform will give parents access to a portal where they can manage their child's...

Sony's PSVR still going strong as sales hit 3 million 08/16/2018 01:37 PM
Sony announced that it has sold 3 million PlayStation VR (PSVR) headsets as of the end of July, showing that its popularity has declined little since the fall 2016 launch. At the end of 2017, Sony had sold 2 million units, meaning it has sold another...

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