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AppleInsider - Frontpage News

Apple's Earth Day Beer Bash features solar-powered Ziggy Marley performance 04/22/2018 03:11 AM
Article Image

Apple invited employees to celebrate Earth Day with a Beer Bash at its One Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., on Friday, an event featuring a performance by Grammy-winning reggae artist Ziggy Marley.

Apple to close last dedicated Apple Watch pop-up store on May 13 04/22/2018 02:47 AM
Article Image

Apple's pop-up Watch store located in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo will be closing on May 13th, according to recently-posted signage at the location.

Watch: Top 10 features of the new iPad you should learn to use 04/21/2018 09:58 PM
Article Image

The 2018 iPad is a massive leap forward for the tablet line, making it an attractive purchase for new users who may not know all the things that can be done with it. AppleInsider compiles a list of must-learn functions for the new iPad everyone should try out.

App Roundup: Dropbox for iOS, Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, TinyCards, macOS Server, more 04/21/2018 10:59 AM
Article Image

The wide and varied world of software, there are new apps joining the App Store ranks all the time, while existing releases receive updates to keep them relevant to their users. AppleInsider has collected together some of the highlight additions and updates for macOS and iOS software produced in the last week.

This week on AI: 'iPhone SE 2,' premium Apple News, 2018 iPhone timetables & more 04/21/2018 04:54 AM
Article Image

Apple has many irons in the fire -- and some of the latest are said to include an "iPhone SE 2," a paid news subscription service, and big environmental projects.

Apple offers replacements for swollen 13-inch MacBook Pro batteries 04/20/2018 11:00 PM
Article Image

Apple on Friday activated a new hardware replacement program targeting an issue that causes the internal battery of certain non-Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pro models to expand.

Apple sends emails to WWDC 2018 scholarship winners 04/20/2018 09:50 PM
Article Image

After three weeks of deliberations, Apple on Friday sent out notifications of acceptance to students and STEM organization members who applied for a scholarship to this year's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Justice Department investigating AT&T and Verizon for blocking eSIM adoption, Apple reportedly filed complaint [u] 04/20/2018 09:09 PM
Article Image

According to sources familiar with the matter, the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating claims that AT&T, Verizon, and standards organization GSMA colluded to scuttle eSIM technology which would make switching carriers easier.

Mac mini: What we want to see in an update to Apple's low-cost desktop 04/20/2018 08:04 PM
Article Image

Apple's Mac mini is long overdue for a refresh. Not just with updated processors, but a full-on re-design. Being big Mac mini users since the original G4 version, we started wondering what we would love included in a next-generation Mac mini.

Featured spots in iOS 11 App Store can drive app downloads up to 800 percent 04/20/2018 07:50 PM
Article Image

Apple's new "Game of the Day," "App of the Day" and other featured spots can drive downloads significantly more than prior efforts to highlight new and outstanding apps, new app analytics claim.

Giveaway: Enter to win a free pair of Apple AirPods 04/20/2018 07:22 PM
Article Image

It's giveaway time! This week, we're giving away a free pair of Apple AirPods to one lucky reader. Enter today for your chance to win.

Apple Deals: 2017 13" Touch Bar for $1,599; 27" iMac 5K on sale for $1,649; $250 off premium Radeon 560 15" MacBook Pro 04/20/2018 06:30 PM
Article Image

Fresh Apple deals have landed this week, and shoppers can save $200 on Apple's current Mid 2017 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar or $150 on the 27" iMac 5K with no tax in most states. Apple's high-end 15" MacBook Pro is also on sale for $2,549, a discount of $250 off retail.

Analyst's 'iPhone X is dead' memo hyperbolic, loaded with questionable claims 04/20/2018 06:27 PM
Article Image

An analyst is arguing that Apple will completely discontinue the iPhone X this year, owing to a lack of consumer interest at the high-end. That's a highly questionable claim, even if one assumes demand isn't as strong as Apple expected.

Watch: iPhone X vs. Galaxy S9 Plus battery charging times compared 04/20/2018 05:29 PM
Article Image

The comparison of the Apple's iPhone X's features against main rival Samsung's Galaxy S9 Plus continue with more battery tests, this time examining how long each of the premium smartphones take to recharge.

Apple stock taking a beating on analyst note predicting soft summer iPhone X demand 04/20/2018 04:12 PM
Article Image

Apple stock, and the market, are both taking a big hit after a notable analyst predicted in "in-line" quarterly earnings report accompanied with predictions for the June quarter being lower than what Wall Street is currently expecting.

Sloppy report depicts Apple as struggling with LG as an alternative to Samsung OLEDs on new iPhones 04/20/2018 02:44 PM
Article Image

A new report claiming to understand Apple's supply chain has asserted that LG screens might be facing development issues as a second source for OLED displays on upcoming iPhones, based on Apple's higher than normal scrutiny of LG prototypes--and then strangely claims this issue is driving iPhone X prices so high that "some" are not buying it.

Coupon Deals: Save up to $250 instantly on Apple's Mid 2017 MacBook Pros, plus no tax in 48 states & 0% financing [u] 04/20/2018 02:42 PM
Article Image

AppleInsider readers can take advantage of exclusive coupons and instant discounts this week to instantly save between $50 and $250 on every Mid 2017 MacBook Pro, including Apple's 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar and 15" MacBook Pro. Plus, sales tax will not be collected on orders shipped outside NY and NJ and systems qualify for 0% financing OAC.

'iPhone SE 2' rumored to retain iPhone 5 styling minus headphone jack, launch in May 04/20/2018 02:39 PM
Article Image

The follow-up to the iPhone SE could be arriving in May, according to one report interviewing accessory producers, but while the overall size and design is said to be the same as the original iPhone SE, it is claimed the headphone jack may be removed from the model in its next release.

AT&T plans $15 monthly 'skinny bundle' TV streaming service, free to its wireless subscribers 04/20/2018 02:22 PM
Article Image

In another salvo in the battle for the nation's cord cutters, AT&T will launch AT&T Watch soon, one of the least expensive bundles available that will directly compete with its own DirecTV Now service.

Siri on Apple HomePods being triggered by ad for NBA on TNT 04/20/2018 01:56 PM
Article Image

Advertisers are beginning to target the wakeword for Apple's Siri assistant in the same way they've previously gone after Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant users, anecdotes suggest.

Apple's efforts to widen OLED screen supply for 2018 iPhones stymied by LG delays 04/20/2018 01:04 PM
Article Image

Apple's plans to work with LG as a second supplier for iPhone screens appear to have suffered a blow due to manufacturing delays, according to a new report.

B&H is knocking $500-$1,000 off MacBook Pros, $20-$50 off Apple Watch Series 3 with no tax in most states 04/20/2018 01:02 PM
Article Image

B&H is clearing out remaining Late 2016 15-inch MacBook Pros with cash discounts of up to $1,000 off. Prices start at just $1,899 with free expedited shipping and no tax in most states. Meanwhile, Apple Watch Series 3 devices with GPS + Cellular functionality are up to $50 off.

AppleInsider podcast interviews Oliver Seil, Belkin VP of Design, talks iPhone SE2 rumours, and merging iOS and macOS 04/20/2018 12:48 PM
Article Image

This week on the AppleInsider podcast, Victor interviews Oliver Seil, Belkin's VP of Design, plus Victor and Mikey talk about iPhone SE2 rumors, and what the chances are of merging of iOS and MacOS.

iOS 12 will continue supporting iPhone 5S, WebKit developer reports suggest 04/20/2018 12:24 PM
Article Image

References to iOS 12, Apple's next iteration of its mobile operating system, have surfaced in development testing reports for WebKit, with the appearance strongly suggesting Apple will be bringing the next major iOS release to the iPhone 5s as the oldest supported iPhone model.

An iPhone thank you letter: "Live Photo saved my grandmother's laugh" 04/20/2018 10:12 AM
Article Image

The way that technology can touch us personally is captured in a thank you letter an iPhone user sent to Apple, noting appreciation for Live Photo's capture of ambient sound and video of a loved one who had passed away. Apple's chief executive Tim Cook responded with a note of condolences and appreciation for sharing the story, stating "it is deeply inspiring for us."

AT&T expands '5G Evolution' to 117 markets, sets stage for mobile 5G rollout this year 04/20/2018 06:51 AM
Article Image

Apple partner carrier AT&T on Thursday announced the expansion of "5G Evolution" wireless technology to more than 100 U.S. markets, laying the foundation for a planned mobile 5G service launch later this year.

Killer Deals: Save $350 to $500 on Apple's iMac Pro with no tax in 48 states and 0% financing 04/20/2018 03:40 AM
Article Image

Readers this week can snap up the lowest prices anywhere on Apple's iMac Pro with our exclusive coupon. On top of the bonus savings available only at AppleInsider, there's no sales tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ, as well as no interest financing for 12 months on approved credit.

Original Mac designer Susan Kare to receive prestigious AIGA medal 04/20/2018 03:39 AM
Article Image

Susan Kare, a former Apple designer known to many as the "woman who gave the Macintosh a smile," will later this month receive an American Institute of Graphic Arts medal, an honor bestowed upon visual arts icons including Richard Avedon, Paul Rand, and Charles and Ray Eames.

Libratone Zipp: Can this AirPlay speaker best Apple's HomePod? 04/19/2018 09:42 PM
Article Image

Libratone's Zipp speaker is a customizable and powerful speaker that is sure to liven up any room whether at home or on the go. Its surprising list of features, not to mention inputs, makes it one of the best speakers you can add to your home.

Apple's 2018 Environmental Responsibility Report zeroes in on renewable energy, takes flak from Greenpeace 04/19/2018 09:00 PM
Article Image

Apple on Thursday published its 2018 Environmental Responsibility Report, with an emphasis on its recent renewable energy achievements and plans to push them further. Greenpeace, however, took the opportunity to slam the company's efforts, saying it should be focusing on other issues.

How to block and filter phone numbers on your iPhone with the tools in iOS 04/19/2018 07:25 PM
Article Image

Unwanted phone calls are a part of everyday life, but the iPhone offers a number of ways to stop them from being a nuisance. AppleInsider explains how to block phone numbers on iOS, as well as other ways to keep those calls and messages from coming through to your mobile devices.

Apple-owned FoundationDB open sources the core technology at the heart of iCloud 04/19/2018 06:57 PM
Article Image

Apple's FoundationDB on Thursday announced that its namesake distributed datastore tech for organizations has been turned into an open-source project, allowing public-driven customization and expansion.

Tim Cook says Apple won't merge Mac and iPad 04/19/2018 05:26 PM
Article Image

Amid rumors that Apple is working on cross-platform software initiatives to bridge its two most popular systems, CEO Tim Cook is denying speculation that the company will eventually weld the two platforms together.

Apple ushers in most advanced iPhone recycling robot 'Daisy' alongside Earth Day donations 04/19/2018 05:00 PM
Article Image

Apple is continuing to further its environmental credentials by announcing a number of initiatives ahead of Earth Day, including charitable donations for devices received as part of the Apple GiveBack program, and the introduction of a new iPhone recycling robot called Daisy.

Apple's iPhone now key to global economy growth, claims IMF 04/19/2018 04:24 PM
Article Image

Whether Apple likes it or not, the fate of some national economies is now intrinsically tied to that of the iPhone, the International Monetary Fund said in a report released this month.

Hands-on: Ecobee4 Thermostat with Apple HomeKit & Amazon Alexa 04/19/2018 03:12 PM
Article Image

The Ecobee4 is one of the most flexible smart thermostats available. Not only does it support Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, it is also an Alexa speaker, supporting most of the same voice commands as an Echo, and AppleInsider has one installed.

Apple shares take hit as iPhone chipmaker TSMC forecasts $1B dip in revenue 04/19/2018 01:41 PM
Article Image

Apple's share price dropped about three percent during pre-market trading going into Thursday on word that TSMC -- the manufacturer of A-series processors for iPhones and iPads -- is expecting about $1 billion less revenue for the second quarter than Wall Street forecasts.

How to find your saved Wi-Fi network password stored in your Mac's Keychain 04/19/2018 12:35 PM
Article Image

Wi-Fi passwords can be hard to remember, and sometimes difficult to reacquire if the router or the information is not easily accessible by users. If you have previously accessed the wireless network via a Mac, AppleInsider explains how you can rediscover the Wi-Fi password using Keychain Access.

Amazon touts 100M Prime users as Apple quietly passes a quarter-billion paid subscriptions 04/19/2018 11:18 AM
Article Image

Apple now has a customer base of more than 250 million paid subscriptions across its Services offerings of Apple Music, iCloud and App Store continuing payments. Viewed against Amazon's recent announcement of 100 million Prime members, that figure is substantial. But Apple is also adding around 30 million new subscriptions every quarter.

Intel to shutter New Devices Group, disband team behind AR smart glasses 04/19/2018 04:02 AM
Article Image

After numerous failed attempts to break into the wearables market, Intel plans to pull the plug on its New Devices Group, a project in which the company invested hundreds of millions of dollars.

Qualcomm cutting jobs amidst financial woes, legal battle with Apple 04/19/2018 02:10 AM
Article Image

U.S. chipmaker Qualcomm on Wednesday confirmed it is conducting layoffs as part of cost-cutting measures announced in January. The firm is fighting to remain afloat after a tumultuous few months that saw a failed hostile takeover by Broadcom, multiple government inquiries into unsavory business practices and a protracted legal war with Apple.

Watch: Six months with iPhone 8 Plus 04/19/2018 12:19 AM
Article Image

It's been six months since I switched from an iPhone 7 Plus to an iPhone 8 Plus when it and the iPhone 8 were released last September. In this video we take a closer look at the small differences that make, and literally break, Apple's updated handset.

Kuo: Budget 6.1-inch LCD iPhone lineup could start at $550 04/18/2018 10:27 PM
Article Image

Apple is predicted to launch two versions of a rumored 6.1-inch LCD iPhone later this year, one with a starting price as low as $550 and another potentially outfitted with dual-SIM dual standby (DSDS) technology, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Lowest Prices Ever: High-end 12" MacBook on sale for $969; loaded 15" MacBook Pros from $1,949; iMac deals as low as $779 04/18/2018 09:54 PM
Article Image

The lowest prices we've ever seen on popular MacBooks, MacBook Pros and iMacs are in effect now with our exclusive coupon. Save up to $1,150 on loaded configs with prices starting at just $779. All with free shipping and no tax on orders shipped outside NY and NJ. Only at AppleInsider.

Ill-informed YouTuber bemoans Apple repair policies after breaking iMac Pro 04/18/2018 07:58 PM
Article Image

A YouTube video is generating over a million views and myriad social media complaints about Apple "refusing" to fix an iMac Pro destroyed after taken apart for a video -- but the creators are short on specifics, and profoundly lacking an understanding of how the system works.

Apple's 2019 Mac Pro: eight things we want to see 04/18/2018 05:16 PM
Article Image

Apple has teased users for over a year about a major revamp of the Mac Pro. A new and improved model, meant to usurp the "thermally challenged" cylindrical Mac Pro that debuted years ago is coming in 2019, and this got us thinking about what we hope to see when Apple finally ships.

Apple's iPhone holds crown for owner loyalty, as Samsung retains lead in U.S. smartphone activations 04/18/2018 04:59 PM
Article Image

Despite the Apple loyalty hitting a high, the March launch of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ helped propel Samsung ahead of Apple in U.S. smartphone activations during the last quarter, a reversal of what happened during the holiday period.

Apple support site issue preventing users from booking Genius Bar visits at Apple stores [u] 04/18/2018 03:17 PM
Article Image

A number of Apple customers are not able make appointments for the Genius Bar, with reports users unable to reserve a spot for support at their local Apple Retail outlet, a problem that Apple is working to fix as soon as possible. [Updated]

Apple's iPhone 'Do Not Disturb While Driving' feature helping to reduce dangerous habits 04/18/2018 02:10 PM
Article Image

A study found smartphone use while driving continues to be an issue in the United States, but Apple's introduction of Do Not Disturb While Driving last year has made a small difference, reducing the amount of iPhone use while at the wheel by approximately 8 percent.

iOS release of 'Fortnite' rakes in over $25M in first 30 days 04/18/2018 01:04 PM
Article Image

Epic Games' "Fortnite" -- a free-to-play third-person shooter, which took off after adding a battle royale mode copying "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" -- amassed over $25 million in its first 30 days after being ported to iOS devices, according to research data shared this week.

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